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Buzz Rodeo (DE)

Buzz Rodeo is a trio from Stuttgart Germany that indulges in a very angular, noise rock/post punk way that is heavy as it is dissonant.
Aggressive, powerful, frantic, scratching and clawing rock.
Pure energy thwacking you in the skull and kicking you in the stumps! You’ll find some buzzsaw sounds on this tasty treat similar to Shellac, Gang of Four, Sonic Youth, Drive Like Jehu, Big Black, Fugazi, Brainiac, Hammerhead… to name a few!

Band members
Ralph Ralph, Helge Gumpert, Daniela Schübel
Backline: Git Amp, Drumset, Bass-Amp


facebook // bancamp // youtube // soundcloud

Tour dates:


Label: Antena Krzyku Recording Artists

Available: January 2018

Territories: Eu/Uk