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FEE LION is the new-wave-pop output of solo musicatrix Justina Kairyte. Fusing together soft, haunting melodies with gritty dance rhythms, FEE LION creates a powerfully minimal sonic haze for her entrancing, evocative vocal hooks to soar above. Think Fiona Apple spending the night at Johnny Jewel’s house, says Bullett Magazine. Kairyte’s wholesome attention to detail manifests  in her live shows which are filled with fog, glossy latex, sweaty dancers and a dark, visual concept that wraps the room in an undulating hypnotic blanket. A sensitive musician, “Kairyte weaves together delicate webs of guitar distortion, a skeletal postpunk guitar pattern, minimal drum loops, a downcast key melody, and a faint hum that sounds like vocal samples slowed to a near halt.”   -Chicago Reader

Originally born in Lithuania, FEE grew up making music in Chicago and continues to create, compose and produce from her home studio. No stranger to the stage, FEE has performed for many audiences across the states. Most recently she played BOUND in New York, a large-scale bdsm event alongside DJ Hell, Casey Spooner, Katie Rex and Blush Response. In 2018 FEE worked with Apple and was a part of their Today at Apple featured artist series. FEE has performed at Reaction Fest, Mamby on the beach, Denton 35, Valley of the Vapors, Taste of Chicago, VIA Fest and has been an Official showcasing artist at SXSW. Additional artists FEE LION has played with: Drab Majesty, Zola Jesus, Zanias, Empress Of, Cults, Negative Gemini, CHRISTEENE and many more.

Equal parts designer and musician, FEE LION is very involved in the visual accompaniment to her music. FEE’s creative vision manifests in her 3D modeled self-portraits, hypnotic video loop edits and futuristic yet grunge-y garment styling that all contributes to the overall FEE LION experience. FEE has worked with Vans, Busted Latex, I AM GIA, Alex Ulichny and more. FEE LION’s most recent collaboration was with Milk Makeup who premiered her new single “re(visit)”. Check it out here:

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Available: Autumn 19

Territories: Europe | Uk