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The young Norwegian power trio Kanaan plays their signature blazing freeform psychedelia, drawing inspiration from krautrock and pre-fusion jazz rock, although with a slightly modern flavour. Recognised in their native country as a terrific live act, with a show containing everything from stoner-heavy riffs to abstract free-flowing improvisations, they’re now ready to take on the European scene. Released on El Paraiso Records, home to bands like Mythic Sunship and Causa Sui, their 2018 debut album Windborne received wide critical acclaim. This year will see the release of two new Kanaan albums, both the heavy studio album Double Sun and the free-flowing jams Odense Sessions, the latter recorded with Causa Sui guitar player and head of El Paraiso Jonas Munk.

Some Press on Windborne:

“On their debut, Norwegian trio Kanaan embrace a lineage of prog, psych, and metal that melts together into a powerful album that’s able to broadside the listener while remaining nimble on its feet.” – Raven Sings the Blues

“Windborne is an immense debut record. Full of 70s riffage and forward-thinking, fusion-tinged musical blotter for the mind. Kanaan step into the fray a fully-formed music entity ready to melt minds and rewire your frontal lobe for maximum damage.” – Complex Distractions

“You would expect nothing less from El Paraiso, but Kanaan are most definitely a band to watch. This album shows them up to be far more than just a power trio; there is subtlety and guile here as well as a eclectic approach which shows promise for the future.” – Psych Insight Music

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Label: El Paraiso Records

Available: Summer 20

Territories: Eu-Uk


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