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Kill Your Boyfriend (IT)

Kill Your Boyfriend is a two-piece band formed in 2011 in Venice (Italy): Matteo Scarpa on guitar/vocals and Antonio Angeli on drums.
The band’s sound could be defined as an extremely loud and dark psych / post-punk / shoegaze mix, taking inspiration from bands like Suicide, Jesus and Mary Chains, Joy Division. The band name “Kill Your Boyfriend” is taken from a graphic novel created by Grant Morrison and Philip Bond published by Vertigo (DC Comics)
In September 2011 they self-produced their 6 songs EP and started playing live in clubs and festivals around, but it was with their first album “S / T” released by Shyrec (IT) in 2013 that the band started to be recognized and played over 80 shows in Europe (especially in Germany).
2015 was the year of the 10″ split with New Candys and their second album “The King is Dead“(Shyrec). In the same year the band toured opening also for bands like The KVB and Zola Jesus.
From 2016 to 2018 Kill Your Boyfriend performed extensively throughout Europe and in Russia. Meanwhile the band released their second EP “Ghosts” (2016 – Shyrec) and a 7″, “Ulrich”(2017) with the Russian label Other Voices.
At the end of 2019 the British label Depths Records released their single “Elizabeth” which includes a remix of the same song made by Preoccupation guitarist Danny Christiansen and the band performed in UK.
The new album “Killadelica” was released on November 6, 2020 by the labels Sister9 Recordings (UK), Little Cloud Records (US) and Shryec (ITA).

Some selected Press:

Ad alto potenziale psichedelico”
Rockerilla, 2020

Il gruppo si conferma come uno dei più interessanti della scena attuale e uno dei pochissimi in Italia ad avere acquisito un seguito importante ovunque”
Ver Sacrum, 2020

Nel genere, ottimo!”
Buscadero, 2020

Sounds like “Suicide” or something similary remorseless”
Norman Records, 2020

A combo of a wall of noise and chilling atmospherics”
NME, 2020

Un lavoro mai banale, dalla grande originalità”
Rockit, 2020

Killadelica apresenta uma dimensão vívida de certas emoções disruptivas, sem nunca deixar de entreter o ouvinten”
ThresholdMagazine, 2020

Sie bleinben sich treu, mischen Industrial mit Post-Punk, jeder Menge Maschinengerauschen, sind eingangig, ohne sich irgendwo anzubiedern, und machen einfach ihr Ding”
OxFanzine, 2020

“Un album idoneo a poter divenire must”
Radioacktiv, 2020

“Maestri dell’horror made in Italy a livello internazionale”
Impatto Sonoro, 2020

“It is an album like no other. Fuelled by morbid curiosity, it’s hard to pull yourself away”
Original Rock, 2020

ELIZABETH 7” (Depths Records)

This is metallic sounding; it has throbbing bass and screaming vocals, so what’s not to like. Imagine PIL in a bad mood covering Sigue Sigue Sputnik and you will get close to what it sounds like”
Monolith Cocktail, 2020

Suspenseful and moody, Elizabeth is a grating, fast moving cut with a vicious introduction, a solid buildup and a climactic conclusion which assembles the darkest characteristics of all the aforementioned genres over solid patterns and a rich production evocative of krautrock and dark psychedelia”
Destroy//Exist, 2020

Its industrial grating and its palpitating mass of goodness, hits you like the glowing sun, with massive induction in power and seduction”
Comeherefloyd, 2020

A cold and sinister sound that manages to be simultaneously atmospheric and pummeling”
The Joy Of Violent Movement, 2020

If you enjoy your industrial noise then there is no doubt you will get into Kill Your Boyfriend and if you haven’t heard of these guys before, then this could be the gateway drug that sucks you in”
Onix Music Reviews, 2020

If you were looking for something sinister and loud to shake things up you’re in luck”
Breaking Glass Magazine, 2019

I Kill Your Boyfriend sono una delle cose che più mi ha fatto ben sperare nel panorama italiano recente”
Rockambula, 2018

ULRICH 7″(2017 – Other Voices Records):

…Zwei Treffer von der Band, die klingt wie keine andere…”

OxFanzine, 2018

confirment ce que nous écrivions, en 2015, à propos de l’album The King Is Dead : ce groupe est un engin de torture médiévale, mais impossible de s’en défaire, impossible de ne pas y succomber.”

Sun Burns Out, 2017

This single is the perfect introduction to Kill Your Boyfriend and will pique the interest of anyone who likes the darker side of psychedelia. It’s certainly caught our attention”

Backseat Mafia, 2017

本作 Ulrich” は反復する重いビートと反響音が特徴的で Industrial ファンはもちろん、Noise 好きにもオススメです

Cold Experiment, 2017

Os italianos Kill Your Boyfriend regressaram às edições com o novíssimo 7” single “Ulrich” que vem novamente denotar o talento da dupla nos campos da música dark”

Threshold Magazine, 2017

If you like your punk extreme, this is about as extreme as it gets.”

Punknews, 2017

Una marcia incontrastata e progressiva alla ricerca dell’oscurità”
Rumore, 2017

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