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Lana Del Rabies is the solo rhythmic dark electronic music project of intermedia artist Sam An. LDR’s music references darker genres like noise, industrial and darkwave, without outright adhering to any single musical movement. Her first release In The End I Am A Beast was released by Los Angeles based label Deathbomb Arc in 2016.

“Producer and vocalist Lana Del Rabies combines beats, noise, synths and a passion for horror soundtracks into a futuristic brand of goth that still loves the technologically curious days of early death rock… Addressing the ever growing PTSD of American society, LDR is a dreamlike voice, at once conquering while still lost in the haze.”

“On her 2nd album, ‘Shadow World’, deep horizons of intensity and beauty manifest in ways anyone that has seen her perform live knows she is the master of.”

She has performed with Clipping, The Body, Planning for Burial, Rabit, M.E.S.H, Lingua Ignota, JPEGMAFIA, Ritualz, Machine Girl, Negativland, AJJ, Hide, Tropic of Cancer, Lower Tar, Coppé, and more. She has also played festivals, including HoCo Fest, and in museum spaces, including MOCA Tucson.

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Label: Deathbomb Arc

Available: September-October 19

Territories: Europe/Uk