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Almost nine years to the day since the release of their first, self-titled EP, LSD and the Search for God dose us once again with their blissful new EP, Heaven Is a Place—out January 15, 2016, on Deep Space Recordings! In the time between LSD records the band remained busy writing, recording, and performing, with this EP capturing a snapshot in time soon after the additions of Ryan Lescure and Ricky Maymi (Brian Jonestown Massacre). They’ve been perfecting their lucid live show up and down the U.S. West Coast and on tours across the U.S. and Canada, including sets at Austin Psych Fest Levitation (2013), Bathysphere (2013) with A Place To Bury Strangers, and Desert Stars Festival (2014) with The Dandy Warhols.
LSD twice toured the U.S. with legendary Creation Records band The Telescopes, with Liszt, Fifield, and Maymi doing double-duty each night, performing as members of both LSD and The Telescopes. This collaboration led to The Telescopes’ recording project in Los Angeles that resulted in two records: the acclaimed EP, Harm (Neon Sigh 2014), and a 7” single, Thrown (Genjing Records 2015).
Over the years, LSD and the Search for God’s cult-like following within the underground psych/space/shoegaze community has remained as passionate as ever, and this new EP picks up where they last left off—then blasts off for parts unknown.
“Heaven,” “(I Don’t Think That We Should) Take It Slow,” and “Elizabeth” showcase the band at their best—swirling, reverb-drenched guitar chords, intertwined with shimmering male/female vocals—while “Outer Space” and “Without You” slow it down a bit and throw hazy, psychedelic guitar riffs into the mix. The obvious comparison to the Creation Records sound in its heyday is appropriate, yet LSD have definitely taken that noise and made it all their own. On the heels of releasing Heaven Is a Place, the trip continues. In addition to more shows across the U.S. and Canada, LSD makes their European debut on a month-long tour in spring 2016, starting with the Cosmosis Festival in Manchester alongside The Jesus and Mary Chain, Wire, and The Raveonettes.
Make no mistake: LSD and the Search for God are here—now more than ever—and they’re ready to solidify their rightful place as the sonic harbingers of blissed-out rock ‘n’ roll!!


Take a dose of LSD and the Search for God: The highly anticipated debut from these San Francisco space-rockers is finally here!
This masterful collection of five lysergic-dipped, guitar-based gems is delightfully reminiscent of the early Creation Records sound. Turn it on and tune in to a psychedelic trip, where swirling guitars and playfully flirtatious boy/girl vocals travel through dreamy pop hooks and fuzzed out drones. This brilliant EP makes it clear why their astonishing live performances up and down the West Coast have firmly established LSD and the Search for God as the up-and-coming darlings of the underground psychedelic, spacerock, shoegaze community. (Mind Expansion)


Coming soon:

December 2015
Two new videos for two singles on new EP coming in , and Spring 2016 respectively

January 2016.
New EP, Heaven Is a Place in production.
Ricky Maymi (Brian Jonestown Massacre) plays drums on new EP.

2006 LSD and the Search for God (S/T)  Mind Expansion
2006 A Mind Expansion Compilation (M.E. )
– Label compilation featuring LSD and the Search for God, Sonic Boom, The Telescopes, Asteroid #4, Faust, Martin Rev (Suicide), Dean Wareham (Luna). Bardo Pond, etc.
2007 LSD and the Search for God (S/T), vinyl Deep Space Recordings
2008 A Mind Expansion Compilation Vol. 2 (M.E.)
– Label compilation featuring LSD and the Search for God, Spacemen 3, The Telescopes, Teenage Filmstars, Martin Rev (Suicide), Dean Wareham (Luna)
2008 Take Me on the Wildest Spree – Excursions in Nugaze  (EMI/Rubber Records)
– EMI Australian rock/shoegaze compilation compiled by Tom Elliott

2016, January 15 – Heaven Is a Place  (Deep Space Recordings)

“The San Franciscans’ washed-out guitarscapes and affectionate, blanket-warm melodies resemble My Bloody Valentine jamming with Yo La Tengo.”  –The Big Takeover
“Magical pop…that could inspire one to take meds without a perscription.”  –Autopia Music
“Dreamy indie-warp…”  –San Francisco Chronicle, “Pop Beat”
“Awesome indie psych/shoegaze. A poppier My Bloody Valentine or a more opiated Sonic Youth.”  –Robotic Empire (Richmond, VA)
“LSD and the Search for God are the rightful inheritors of the more coherent side of My Bloody Valentine and the more experimental, noisy side of Luna.” –Real Detroit Weekly
“An absolute treat for lovers of all things shoegazey and dreamy. Superb.”  –Road Records. Dublin, Ireland
“Psychedelic shoegazers…”  –SF Weekly
eautiful guitar-based gems delightfully reminiscent of the early Creation Records sound.” –Mind Expansion Records
“This impressive debut EP sounds just as epic as their name.” –The Deli Magazine, “CD of the Month” December 2006
“A full-on shoegazer assault of crazed guitar sounds coupled with ethereal male/female vocals. It’s an excellent remedy for those who still miss Ride, MBV, Chapterhouse….” –Losing Today
“If you dig Spacemen 3 or the Telescopes, you will definitely dig LSD and the Search for God.” –San Francisco Chronicle, “Bandwidth”
“Blissed-out indie rock (think Lost in Translation soundtrack)…” –Splendora
“LSD and the Search for God live up to their name with psychedelic rock reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine and Spaceman 3.”


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Tour dates:

09/09 Cartaxo, Portugal - Reverence Valada Festival
10/09 Saragossa, Spain - Saragossa Psych Fest
11/09 Pamplona, Spain - Nebula Bar
13/09 Marseille, France - Molotow
14/09 Bordeaux, France - The Void
15/09 Clermont Ferrand, France - Baraka Bar Club
16/09 Paris, France - Fleche D´Or TBC
17/09 Frankfurt, Germany - Yachtklub
18/09 Lille, France - Strawberry Fest
19/09 Ghent, Belgium - Video
20/09 Maastricht, Netherland - Muziekgieterj
22/09 Wien, Austria - Arena
23/09 Zagreb, Croatia - Club Mockvara
24/09 Bratislava, Slovakia - Re:Fresh
25/09 Prague, Czech Republic - Rock Cafe Prague
26/09 Berlin, Germany - Schokoladen
28/09 Aalborg, Denmark - 1000FRYD
29/09 Copenhagen, Denmark - Stengade
30/09 Malmo, Sweden - Plan B
01/10 Stockholm, Sweden - Debaser

Label: Deep Space Recordings

Available: TBA

Territories: Europe/Uk


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