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Emerging with the delirium of What’s Your Name?’; a rich and densely guitar-driven track, somewhat reminiscent of Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd to ‘Flesh’,  a bludgeoning, motorik throb that throws a nod the kraut stylings of Can and Neu!Flesh’s cacophonous thrash of an ending leaves little time to prepare for the eerily malevolent ‘Epicaricacy’; a fitting soundtrack to a paranoid stumble through an abandoned carnival. Following this with the jagged simplicity of the bleak and hypnotic ‘Grotesque’, the quintet bring you an EP that combines elements of the gloom-psych shimmer of The Black Angels with the raucous aggression of The Stooges to sculpt a sound that is thoroughly unnerving With their debut EPMelt Dunes are certainly going to drag us all into the darkest depths of their psychedelic, fuzz-fueled realm.


`”Flesh’ from Melt Dunes is an early standout that deftly explains why the South Coast is leading the way with hypnotic organ stabs and murderous yelps” (The 405)

Melt Dunes’ dense, rhythmic guitar attack has the fiery intensity of Hookworms’ early shows coupled with dark, dreamy post-punk (The Quietus)

“Our decision to opt for Melt Dunes’ psychedelic overload proves a fruitful one.  Their half-hour set evokes thoughts of how Pink Floyd’s interplanetary excursions in the UFO Club might have sounded back in the day. Or a less opiate fuelled Hawkwind. “ (Drowned in Sound)

Label: Strong Island Recordings

Available: Generally Available for Festivals / One-off

Territories: Europe


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