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Ottone Pesante is an italian instrumental trio composed by Paolo Raineri (trumpet), Francesco Bucci (trombone) and Beppe Mondini (drums) that plays “Metal”.

Someone call their music Heavy Brass Metal or Brasscore and they are right. The band was born in 2015 with the idea to make a new way to play brass instruments and a new way to play Heavy Metal as well.

They released their first EP “Ottone Pesante” in the same year and they started a new tour all around Italy.
Their first album “Brassphemy set in stone” was released in 2016, then they started a very long tour for 2 years that allowed OP to play all around Europe in clubs and in every kind of festivals, from Metal to Jazz.

Their second album “Apocalips” was released on the 2nd of November of 2018. On this album appear the featuring of Travis Ryan from Cattle Decapitation on the track “The Fifth trumpet”.
B.R.ASS is the DIY label that produced all about OP and its owned by Francesco Bucci (trombone) and Paolo Raineri (trumpet).

B.R.ASS released also “Brassphemy Set in Score”: a book with all the trumpet and trombone scores of the OP production from 2015 to 2018.

Tour dates:

23/01/2020 DE FÜHRT Kunstkeller
24/01/2020 DE OLDENBURG Alhambra
25/01/2020 DK RANDERS Cafè von Hatten
26/01/2020 DK COPENHAGEN Ungdomshuset
28/01/2020 SE STOCKHOLM Snotty seaside
29/01/2020 SE MALMÖ Plan B
30/01/2020 DK ODENSE Teater Momentum
31/01/2020 DK AALBORG Northern Winter Festival
01/02/2020 DE BERLIN Supamolly

Available: January and February - April 20

Territories: Europe


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