Talk To Her (IT)

Talk To Her are an electro-wave-rock band from Italy with a dark, incisive and powerful sound attitude, playing since 2015. They published their first release of 4 tracks, called HOME, in 2018, obtaining excellent feedback from the public, magazines and webzines. The main work of the band, LOVE WILL COME AGAIN, released in 2020 via Icy Cold Records and Shyrec, is an album about love, innocence, suspicion, pain and grief in a continuous dialogue with our inner ghosts; this debut, that has gathered beautiful reviews in magazines and music blogs all over the Europe, has consolidated them as one of the most potential emerging Italian band of the last two years. Now, after having established themselves throughout Italy, thanks to the power and the sound impact of their live set, they are preparing to tread the most important European and international stages.



“Talk To Her has the potential to become something ‘big’. This debut full length is more than a successful and accomplished beginning!”
Side-Line Reviews


“Talk To Her leaves us speechless in front of its undeniable mastery of melodies alternately volcanic and frozen. An astral journey into the unknown, where the Great Old Ones are watching us and waiting for their time.”
Raphaël Duprez for Indiemusic Webzine


“With Love Will Come Again, the dark, punchy and rhythmic attitude is explored in more detail and the sonic result exudes a certain resounding magnificence that surprises the listener.”
Sónia Felizardo for Threshold Magazine


“Ambitious debut album for Talk to Her, which present an epic and dramatic fresco all centered on the theme of love, dissectioned in its various aspects along the ten tracks of the LP.”
Fausto Turi for Freak Out Magazine


“The difference lies in the solidity, recurrent, of the songs. (…) Talk to Her makes a contribution that should not be underestimated”
Will Dum for Muzzart


“The most important thing is how good the album is as a whole. And remember, it’s just the debut.”


“The theme of almost everything LOVE WILL COME AGAIN is love as the driving force, (…) and listeners of the genre will discover an album they will enjoy throughout its duration.”
Poet’s Sound


“It is already a candidate to be counted among the best albums of 2020 “Love Will Come Again” (…) an album of rare power and beauty.”
Giorgio Brivio for Ascension Magazine & Promotions

Date City Venue Country
27/05/22 PADOVA Arcella Bella Italy
25/06/22 Oostende SINNER’S DAY FESTIVAL Belgium
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13/08/22 Morecambe BATS IN THE ATTIC FESTIVAL United Kingdom
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Label: Icy Cold Records; Shyrec

Available: on tour in November '22; always available for Festivals/one-off show

Territories: UK/Europe