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The Dandelion is a studio project and live band led by Natalie de Silver who writes, records and produces the band’s original material.

The Dandelion originally began as a solo recording project for Daniel Poulter (1981-2014) who recorded “Strange Case of The Dandelion”.

A live band was formed in 2013 featuring Alison Hobbes on Organ, Stella Rennex on Bass and Josh White on Drums. This line up also features in 3 recorded songs (Malkaus, Ode to Love, Spring Dance) on The Dandelion’s 2nd LP titled Seeds Flowers and Magical Powers of The Dandelion.

During the recording of “Seeds Flowers & Magical Powers of The Dandelion” 2014/2015, Daniel gracefully handed over all creative duties to Natalie de Silver who can be heard subtlety coming through the album’s mix and main themes.

In 2017 Natalie begun working on a third album titled “Old Habits & New Ways of The Dandelion. This record is currently being mixed and will be released in the coming months.

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Label: Six Tonnes De Chair

Available: April-May 2019

Territories: Europe / UK


Artist bio: Download pdf