Timmy’s Organism (US)

Timmy Vulgar, Detroit’s favorite son, and most ambitiously amphibious creative force doesn’t need much of an introduction to anyone familiar with subversive punk music over the past two decades. He’s been such an irreplaceable figure in each of his musical endeavors since his emergence in such legendary acts such as the EPILEPTIX back in the late 90’s. CLONE DEFECTS then right up through his shape-shifting efforts in the mollusk-like HUMAN EYE and the prog-soaked REPTILE FORCEFIELD, and straight into his latest nerve-numbing scatterbomb known simply as TIMMY’S ORGANISM. We’ve been lucky to have bore witness to Timmy’s metamorphosis many times over during these crazy years, and with this unit coming as close as it gets to his coined style of music-“Acid Punk” you the listener, can get an intimate encounter to vacuuming up the pieces of Mr. Vulgar’s shattered heart.

It’s a daily inspiration, as has been everything Timmy has touched ever since. Sure it’s not for everybody, and that’s what makes the dimly lit underground punk world so exciting, and worth risking your life and your livelihood for, over and over again. And that’s just one of the many reasons Vulgar is still one of the most important figures in music today, and why his recorded output will surely fill not only museums and exhibits someday, but the folklore passed to the next generations by those who were lucky enough to get exposed to his unique personality, as well as his many varied recordings, all of which seem to invoke “instant classic” status upon release.

-Todd Killings. Victim of Time

“Timmy’s Organism are the kind of band I want to party with.” “They ooze glorious, sweaty sleaze and it’s not hard to picture them hanging from the rafters while beer cans careen through the air.” “These are songs made for pumping fists and chugging cheap liquor while tripping on acid.”-( “Heartless Heathen” album review. rated-10 out of 10 stars.

Neil Ferguson-Glide Magazine


“Detroit underground king Timmy Vulgar has more projects than he can count on one hand, but arguably the best is his garage-punk band Timmy’s Organism. “Guzzle Gasoline,” the opening track from new album Survival of the Fiendish, kicks off its journey through the wasteland with an actual revving engine. From there, Vulgar half-howls, half-gargles intense lyrics about—what else—the road.” The 10 Best Garage Punk Songs As of Late. Evan Minsker –Pitchfork


“Vulgar truly is the Charles Bukowski of rock n’ roll. The future looms brightly for music’s current gutter poet, whose music champions the underrepresented. For him, it is rock’s definitive purpose.”

Stephan Wyatt-Slug Magazine


***Timmy’s Organism – Lone Lizard


Genre: Garage-Punk / Rock’n’roll

For Fans of: Useless Eaters, Cheater Slicks, UV Race, The Intelligence, Country Teasers, Reatards, Electric Eels.


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Label: Sweet Time Records

Available: October- November 2024

Territories: Europe / UK