Full Earth (Norway)

„Cloud Sculptors’ is the debut album of the experimental Oslo based rock-quintet ‘Full Earth’.  The band is headed by the drummer and composer Ingvald Vassbø.

With a deep connection to minimalist music, especially that of Terry Riley’s organ works, and heavy stoner rock a.l.a. Sleep, High on Fire and Elder, the Full Earth-sphere circles in on fuzzed out riffs, sonic experimentalism and noise music.

Cloud Sculptors, which is a kind of abstract, mythological and psychedelic account, consists of six thoroughly composed and extensively produced tracks. Four of them long-form, instrumental, fuzz-heavy and sludgy compositions stretching towards the 20-minute mark. Echo Tears and Weltgeist are two shorter organ compositions inspired by James Ferraro, Onehotrix Point Nevers and Györgi Ligeti’s genius contributions to musical history. On Full Earth’s debut album the inspirations and references coalesce in a wholesome, truly progressive and vital way. In 2024 Full Earth will recreate and expand the Cloud Sculptors universe in a hypnotic and intense concert experience.

Øystein Aadland – farfisa organ, yamaha yc30 organ, mellotron, synthesizer
Ask Vatn Strøm – guitars
Simen Wie – electric bass, additional guitar
Eskild Myrvoll – additional guitar, korg MS-20 synthesizer, noise
Ingvald Vassbø – drums, yamaha yc30 organ”

Date City Venue Country
29/05/24 TÜBINGEN Hausbar Germany
30/05/24 NETPHEN Freak Valley Festival Germany
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31/05/24 ODENSE Posten Denmark
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01/06/24 ESBJERG Fuzztival Festival Denmark
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Label: Stickman Records

Available: Generally Available

Territories: Europe-Uk


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