New Age Doom (CAN)

Consisting of the core duo of Eric J. Breitenbach and Greg Valou plus an ever-expanding roster of Canadian and global musical talents, New Age Doom is a genre-defying platform for experimentation and collaboration where many musical and aesthetic interests combine and contrast to create powerful sonic statements. Thriving on spontaneity, ambiguity and experimentation, New Age Doom offers a unique vision of extreme music where anything can happen.

The band is known for its eclectic and collaborative approach, working with various guest artists from different genres and countries, including Jamaican dub legend Lee “Scratch” Perry, American jazz luminaries Tim Lefebvre, Donny McCaslin and Daniel Rosenboom, as well as members of MONO, Team Sleep, Glassjaw, Death Grips and Quicksand.

The band’s music blends elements of drone metal and progressive rock with jazz, dub and global music styles to create a unique and immersive sound praised by critics and audiences alike.

The band’s latest album, There Is No End, is a collaboration with Norway’s Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser (Tuvaband) that sees the band evolve towards a more melodic direction while retaining their signature freewheeling chaos.

In 2021, New Age Doom garnered international attention and acclaim for their collaboration with Lee “Scratch” Perry on an album that blended dub with jazz, drone metal and prog to create a poignant swansong and tribute to the late dub legend, who passed away shortly before the album’s release.

New Age Doom is a band that defies conventions and boundaries, creating music that is both challenging and captivating. New Age Doom is more than a band: it is an artistic philosophy. They are known for their collaborations with premium food brands to create edible merch, such as Habanero Supernova, a vegan cream cheese by Spread ‘Em Kitchen, and Righteous Gin, a non-alcoholic beverage infusion crafted by Long Cap Liquor.



” … sophisticated, dramatic, and emotionally layered … the ‘New Age Doom’ name has come to represent less a cheeky genre mash-up than a guiding philosophy, a means to manifest the balance of natural beauty and apocalyptic chaos that governs life on Earth.”

Pitchfork (US) – November 2023

★★★★ “…There’s a cornucopia of noise, arabesque strings, electronic squiggles and free jazz to occupy the listener … if “There Is No End” goes under the radar then there’s officially no justice left in the world.”

Record Collector (UK), December 2023

★★★★ “A multi-layered triumph.”

Mojo (UK) – December 2023

“…A work of incredible creativity and ambition … one which follows no rules or set formula … it will take you places that few other albums will.”

Louder than War (UK) – October 2021

“[A] spiritually uplifting ceremony that monumentalizes the creative synergy between its main players, doubling as a bittersweet last hurrah for one of the all-time greats.”

Bandcamp Daily – November 2021

“A syncretic new type of heavy music.”

Pitchfork (US) – November 2021

“[An] unsettling piece of art, mimicking the forces of nature at their most destructive.”

The Arts Desk (UK) Disc of the Day – January 2021

“…sprawling and intense… [builds] like extreme weather towards peaks of furious noise… absorbing …”

The Wire (UK) – December 2020

“… vertiginous … truly ritualistic … to get lost in this music is effortless … This is not controlled chaos – it’s chaotic control.”

A Closer Listen – January 2021

“… completely fucked …”

Tome to the Weather Machine – December 2020

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18/10/24 ROTTERDAM LEFT OF THE DIAL Festival Netherlands
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19/10/24 ROTTERDAM LEFT OF THE DIAL Festival Netherlands
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01/11/24 BRUSSELS Les Nuits Weekender FESTIVAL Belgium
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Label: We Are Busy Bodies

Available: October/November

Territories: Europe-Uk