Thief (US)

Redefining dark electronic music, THIEF fuses elements of haunting trip-hop and thunderous industrial rhythms to create an atmosphere that is as hypnotic as it is intense. Formed in 2016, Thief is the brainchild of Dylan Neal, a dulcimer player for the critically acclaimed experimental black metal band Botanist. During his time with Botanist, Neal began to experiment with a new sound. Deeply inspired by sacred vocal harmonics, Gregorian chants and the limitlessness of electronic music, he began to connect the dots between the new and ancient; the past and sonic expressions of the future. This involved crate digging for strange medieval hymns and melding them with electronic and dark electronic elements.

THIEF’s unique approach of amalgamating musical elements from ambient, industrial, choral music, black metal, and trip-hop into a new sonic experience has long granted THIEF a cult status among the initiated. A reviewer once stated that Thief is the sacred space between Nine Inch Nails and Portishead and that may be the best that language can offer in expressing the ineffible genre that is THIEF.

To date, THIEF has release 4 albums and is currently signed to the legendary label Prophecy Productions. All of Thief is written, recorded, mixed and produced by Dylan where he resides in Los Angeles. Between over 1,000,000 streams on Spotify and their latest SOLD OUT album release show in Los Angeles, Thief is burning their name in all extreme and electronic genres the world over.

For THIEF’s live incarnation, Dylan has converted fellow ex-Botanist dulcimerist Robert Chaing for drums and Chris Hackman for bass with Dylan himself overseeing vocals, keys and sample manipulation. Since THIEF’s live inception, they have shared the stage with acts such as Perturbator, Agalloch, The Body, IGORRR, Xasthur and Lingua Ignota.

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Label: Prophecy Productions

Available: September 2024

Territories: EU-UK