Gob Psychic (Denmark)

Agent: Viunca

Gob Psychic comes out of the buzzing underground of Denmark’s “little brother” city Aarhus.

Inspired by the never-ending stream of bands from Melbourne and oddballs from the American Midwest Gob Psychic plays garagepunk that is both abrasive, aggressive, and catchy and accessible at the same time. Their live performances are captivating and chaotic, a rare display of both anger and frailty that leaves you puzzled, thrilled and anxious to start a band of your own.

Fall 2023 sees the band release their debut self-titled EP on French labels Beast Records and Le Cépe Records.

The self-titled debut EP from Gob Psychic is a 6-song kick to the guts that’s abrasive and catchy. The songs deal mainly with a strong disliking of working and a feeling of alienation in general from a stress and depressions-riddled society focusing always on productivity and achievements.

The EP was recorded in 2021 during a 5-day-session in Sauna Studios with Neil R. Young filling in the roles of producer and recording engineer. The band subsequently decided to have Jeppe Grønbæk Andersen do the mixing to give the recordings a much grittier sound, and in the process Jeppe ended up joining the band to play the extra layers of guitar and keyboard he had added to the songs while mixing.

No shows booked at the moment.

Label: Slovenly

Available: Generally available / on tour October 2024

Territories: Europe / UK