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Damo Suzuki´s Network (Jap/De)

Former lead singer of the legendary and seminal german krautrock band Can, Damo, resident in Köln (De) since the 70s, has been performing since mid ´97 with his project DAMO SUZUKI´s NETWORK around the world with more than 7,000 different musicians in 43 countries.
“I’m creating time and space of the moment with ever changing local sound carriers (musicians) around the world. This is pure making music, energy share, every time different result”.


Tour dates:

14/07/2016 - Copenhagen Psych Festival (w/Julie´s Haircut)
15/07/2016 - Stockholm - Geronimos FGT
05/08/2016 - Regenburg - Void Festival (w/Jelly Planet)

Available: From July 2016 onwards - Generally available


Ride tech: Download pdf